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Hairstyling Tips to Get You Red Carpet Ready

The fashion wasn't the only thing rocking the Oscar red carpet -- hairstyles were a big hit too!

Sandra Bullock's long, elegant locks and Diane Kruger's tight, clean up-do are simple styles you can work on your own.

Check out celebrity hairstylist Ric Pipino's tips for looking like a star!

Oscar Hair Hits

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth looked beautiful with an elegant and perfect chignon. Hair was parted on the side, looking healthy and shiny. It was a glossy and clean look, but had a certain sexiness about it.

How to get the look:
Hair was pulled back into a chignon and parted on one side, then a simple, yet elegant headband was placed in the middle of the head as decoration, to complete the look.

Kate Winslet

Winslet's hair was kept beautiful, long and shiny with a sexy wave at the ends. One side was placed behind the ear and the other was left closer to the face with the ends curled to give a '50s wave, but with a modern style.

How to get the look:
Prep the hair and blow out with a side part, using a texturizing and lifting product like Revolution In Cut Lift Me throughout the ends, then curl hair under using a large barrel curling iron. It's very important to curl the hair under and not sideways or upward and to make sure that you don't curl hair to the roots -- it's a more modern look to keep the curl at the ends.

Sandra Bullock

Bullock's look was elegant, soft and worked beautifully with an evening gown. Hair was left down and pulled back on one side behind the shoulder then swept over the other to show the length. The hair from the root to just before the ends was left straight but textured, with the ends holding a very slight wave.

How to get the look:
Blow out using a large round brush incorporating a good amount of product for hold, texture and shine, such as Revolution In Cut Tousle Me. Tease hair on the crown for a little extra lift and then curl the ends with a large barrel curling iron.

Diane Kruger

Diane's clean, tight chignon was the best one out of the group. The hair was up, with the chignon placed higher on the head, with some lift in the front.The look was quite dramatic and tightly pulled at the sides with more volume at the front.

How to get the look:
Blow out the hair, and prep with a smoothing product. Curl the hair with heated rollers on the top of head for added volume and backcomb the root on the crown of head towards the front, prior to putting it up. Brush out using a flat brush, leaving the volume on top and smoothing out the rest, with emphasis on cleaner sides. Twist hair and pin down as you twist it up. To achieve shine and hold, top off the look with hairspray.

Charlize Theron

Theron's hair was elegantly up with a deep side part. The whole front section was left softer to allow it to sweep over the forehead and over the eye for a sexier look. The rest of the hair was then pulled back into a chignon.

How to get the look:
Part hair on side and blow out using a texturizing styling product and a flat brush, such as a Mason Pearson brush. Separate the entire heavy front section of the hair and then pull the rest of the hair back into a low chignon and twist hair tightly around, securing in a knot using bobby pins and thin, smaller hair pins. Finally, spray with a soft-hold hairspray.