Bill Clinton Talks About Recent Health Scare

Former President Bill Clinton tells "Extra's" Lauren Sanchez that he didn't have anesthesia or sedatives for his recent heart procedure.

Clinton bounced back so quickly that he was up and around the next day. "The next day, I went out and walked two miles in the cold right before the snow in New York," said Clinton, adding, "I didn't have any anesthesia or any sedatives. I just had this stent put in and I asked if I could watch it on the screen while they were fixing me, so I think that I was able to make a quicker comeback because I didn't go under."

The active Clinton admits to "working too hard and sleeping too little and exercising too little" as the reason for his heart problem. He's making a change by exercising and sleeping more these days and is more rigorous about his diet.

Clinton has also teamed with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to combat childhood obesity. The two are reaching out to families to fix America's ongoing weight problem.

"They can do things within their means. We understand not everybody has the same amount of time. Not everybody has the same amount of money, but everybody can do something to increase their exercise level and improve their food intake," said Clinton.

On a lighter note, the former President tells "Extra" his Oscar movie picks for this Sunday. "I think the 'Hurt Locker' is, of the ones I seen, the best war movie I've seen in a long time. A great movie. I think 'Up in the Air' was brilliantly done and didn't chicken out at the end... I saw them both, I thought they were both great. I know they were both nominated and I haven't seen all the movies so I can't say who should win."