'The Bachelor' Makes His Choice


The extremely emotional two-hour finale left Jake Pavelka agonizing over the choice between the sweet Tenley and the free-spirited Vienna.


Set in paradise on Saint Lucia island, Jake reiterated over and over how much he loved both of women, albeit for very different reasons. Jake introduced each woman to his family and listened to the advice they gave. When they met Tenley, they all felt she would be perfect for Jake, but Vienna didn't come off as well -- at first. Soon, Vienna won their hearts when they realized how much she loved him and would be devoted to him.

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As Tenley flew in to meet with Jake, she felt confident he would propose, but instead, through tears, he told her that even though he loved her very much, something just didn't feel "right." He didn't feel as much physical chemistry as he did with Vienna. Tenley broke down but accepted his decision, thanking him for making her feel so "special."

When it was Vienna's turn to meet Jake, he smiled and dropped to one knee, proposing on the spot.

Don't think reality television is over for Jake, though. He's now set to shimmy and shake on the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars."