Simon Cowell's Ex Meets His New Girlfriend!

"Extra's" Terri Seymour caught up with Simon Cowell to get to the truth about who he thinks will win the "Idol" crown this year and all those swirling rumors -- starting with the "Idol" judge's new lady.

Meet Mezhgan Hussainy, a longtime makeup artist on "Idol." But don't go putting the cart before the horse. When asked if he's ready to settle down and have children, he replies, "Uh... I'm thinking about getting a pet. A squirrel... ha ha ha ha!"

As for his new show "X-Factor," Cowell says that at this time next year he may be sitting next to former "Idol" judge Paula Abdul! "You know, I miss her... I do," said Cowell. Is collaboration between the two in the works? Simon won't say. "You'll have to wait and see!" he says.

Simon also answer the burning question everyone wants to know -- who will win "Idol" this year? Simon tells "Extra" he thinks it's one of the girls.

And on tomorrow's "Extra"... is Simon considering Mario as host for "X-Factor"?! "Extra" has the answer!