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Dr. Drew on Tiger Woods' Apology

"Celebrity Rehab's" Dr. Drew Pinsky tells "Extra" his reaction following Tiger Woods' public apology -- and gives his insight on Woods' recovery.

Dr. Drew Pinsky talks about Tiger Woods' apology

"He's still struggling, rather than capitulating," Dr. Drew explains. Woods admitted he had gone through 45 days of treatment and still has more therapy ahead.

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"The only time I looked down and really I felt shame was when he talked about his treatment," says Drew. "That's not how it should be. The treatment should be a source of hope, and it's a source of shame right now for him."

Dr. Drew adds, "People get very disturbed if they don't give in to the process they get very depressed, and I'm fearful that's where he's headed."

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Pinsky, an addiction specialist, believes there's always a chance for recovery, but Woods has a long road. In his speech, Woods said he wants to "start living a life of integrity."

Dr. Drew says, "That's a great way to look forward to your future, but how is that going to happen?" He believes a return to therapy could be harmful, not helpful, saying, "Usually you step down to a lower level of care, an outpatient treatment program. The fact he's returning to an intensive inpatient program is actually really troubling to me."