Donald Trump on Today's Hot Headlines

"Extra" caught up with "Apprentice" host Donald Trump to get his opinion on some of today's top headlines.

In light of the Alec Baldwin paparazzi showdown, Trump had some advice for the actor. "Something happens there and he's just sort of gotta cool it, he's gotta chill a little bit," Trump tells "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli.

When asked what he thought of shock jock Howard Stern possibly replacing Simon Cowell on "American Idol," the real estate mogul said, "I think Howard would be a great replacement."

What about Trump being the next 'Idol' judge? "People already talked to me about it," he replied. "I just don't see it for me."

Last week Trump said he thought Al Gore should give back his Nobel Peace Prize. Penacoli asked what his reasoning was. "Well, actually, I said it kiddingly, but I don't believe shooting hairspray in your apartment, we're destroying the ozone layer."

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