Rachel Uchitel on Meeting the Right Man

Rachel Uchitel on meeting the right man

She's been in love and married before, now Rachel Uchitel candidly opens up to "Extra" about finding Mr. Right.

"It's very hard to meet someone when you are working all the time or you are in a certain industry," Uchitel tells "Extra's" Mario Lopez. "It's very hard to meet somebody that has a totally different life and hours."

Uchitel once clocked major hours in TV news and most recently worked as a club promoter in New York City, but she knows what she's looking for. "I'm very into loyalty, honesty and humor," Rachel reveals.

Uchitel also says she could see herself picking up and moving to the South. "I've always wanted to live in South Carolina. I think that whole southern thing has a charm to it," she confessed. "I'd love to have a big house with weeping willows."

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