Exclusive! Charlie Sheen Explains Car Wreck with a Smile

"Extra" has obtained video of Charlie Sheen laughing and describing Friday's incident where his Mercedes-Benz was stolen and later found at the bottom of a ravine.

On Friday evening, Sheen talked to cameras outside of the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, Calif., where his show "Two and a Half Men" is filmed.

"How do I put this? Somebody stole it from my driveway and then pushed it off a cliff," Sheen said with a chuckle.

He continued, "That's pretty much it in a nutshell and it's an interesting way to start your day! Luckily, nobody was hurt."

The actor was surprisingly upbeat and smiled. He added, "I never thought I would be faced with a reality as such, but just when you thought you've seen everything, things like this happen. It keeps life interesting I suppose."

The LAPD is currently investigating the case and it is being treated as an auto theft investigation.