Win It! GAP Shopping Spree

Classic clothes just for you! Enter to win $1,000 at GAP!

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The Bourne Trilogy

Enter to win "The Bourne Supremacy," "The Bourne Identity" and "The Bourne Ultimatum" on Blue-Ray + DVD

GAP Shopping Spree

Classic clothes just for you! Enter to win $1,000 to GAP!

Lumnique Candle

Lumnique's custom candles are as unique as the recipients themselves. Via an easy-to-use builder on Lumnique's website shoppers are given the opportunity to select the color, fragrance and customized "intention."

All candles are made to order and utilize an 8 oz. clean-burning soy wax blend, eco-friendly color dyes, and natural essential oils that retain their scent while the candle is lit. Lumnique offers more than 14 colors and a variety of fragrances in three categories: citrus/fruit, floral/aromatherapy, and nature/spice/cuisine.

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LORAC Double Booked Makeup Kit

Enter to win LORAC Double Booked Makeup Kit

LeSportSac Classic Bag

Enter to win a fashionable LeSportSac $120 handbag.

Fine: The Basics of Beauty

As follow-up to his best-selling book, Fine Beauty, celebrity makeup artist, Sam Fine, introduces his first instructional DVD, The Basics of Beauty. As a continuation of his commitment to educate women of color on the "fine" art of makeup, this step-by-step tutorial features three individual makeovers and addresses a myriad of beauty challenges by focusing on tools, technique and product selection. Sharing his wealth of experience and expertise, Fine enables viewers to fully understand all that goes into creating a flawless, natural-looking face.

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True Religion Leggings and Tights

This giveaway includes two pairs of tight sand 1 pair of leggings.

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T-fal Actifry Low Fat Multi-Cooker and Healthy Fryer

The T-fal ActiFry is a low fat cooker that enables you to cook tasty dishes while reducing the amount of fat you are having. The ActiFry is engineered to minimize the use of oil while cooking. This revolutionary appliance allows you to enjoy great tasting a wide array of dishes but at the same time stay healthy and feel good about what you are eating.

Enter to win a T-fal FZ7000002 Actifry 2.2-Pound Low Fat Multi-Cooker and Healthy Fryer.

iSamJackson for iPhone and iPod Touch -- The Official Samuel L. Jackson App

Extra is pimpin' out your iPhone or iPod touch with the wit of the one-and-only Samuel L. Jackson!iSamJackson, made by Heatwave Interactive, is one of the most downloaded apps in the iTunes app store and now Extra's giving away 10 of 'em.The entertainment app gives you access to original quotes, humorous adages and insightful advice recorded by the King of Cool himself, Samuel L. Jackson.Check out an interactive demo of it at!

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iGo Power Smart Tower

Just as Count Dracula preys upon the innocent, Vampire Power, or the energy drawn from electronic devices that are plugged in but not in use, drains "blood" from the energy grid.

The iGo Power Smart Tower automatically detects when a device is not in use and shuts off the power drawn from the wall, to reduce wasted standby power without the hassle of unplugging devices, and then automatically turns back on when it detects that energy is needed again. The iGo Power Tower helps you save money on your electricity bill and protect the planet.

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BlueAnt Supertooth 3

The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 handsfree speakerphone provides a safer, legal alternative to talking on your cell phone while you drive. Voice prompts provide assistance to help you connect the device with your phone and upload your address book.

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All About Steve

Enter to win 'All About Steve' on DVD Starring: Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper

'Sex and the City' Prize Pack

This giveaway include one "Sex and the City: The Movie" DVD and a pair of hot pink After Party Shoe by redfoot.

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