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Brooke Mueller Must 'Reduce Stress' to Get Well

brooke mueller

Between Brooke Mueller's Christmas Day fight with husband Charlie Sheen, and battling a life-threatening oral infection, it's no surprise her stress levels have skyrocketed -- but in order to get better, doctors want Mueller to have some R&R.

"The doctors told Brooke on Sunday that if she wants to get better she has to reduce stress and get a lot of R&R in the coming weeks," a source close to Mueller tells People magazine. "Her mom is checking out spas around the country now."

According to the magazine, Brooke is suffering from pneumonia in both lungs and has been treated in a Los Angeles hospital for nearly a week. The original infection came after Brooke underwent surgery for an impacted wisdom tooth.

Mueller's docs are "not happy" with her slow recovery -- and believe stress on her immune system is preventing Brooke from getting well. The physicians are also concerned about her physical and psychological health.

"The doctors basically said Brooke is not going to get better without taking her health in her own hands and reducing the stress surrounding her life," the source explains. "She has to do it now."

Sheen was granted permission to visit his wife in the ICU, despite a protective order against him resulting from his domestic violence arrest. Mueller's mother Moira Fiore, reportedly wants Brooke to have some alone time away from her husband.

Read the affidavit from Charlie's arrest

Charlie was expected to answer charges of second-degree assault, menacing and criminal mischief in court last week, but the judge ordered a postponement due to Brooke's illness.

A hearing to modify the terms of the protective order against Sheen is scheduled for February 8.