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Stars Raise Relief Funds at Larry King Telethon

Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Stiller, Diddy and Ryan Seacrest are only a handful of celebrities who participated in Larry King's Haiti telethon last night to raise money for Haitian relief efforts.

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The stars manned the phones as viewers called-in to donate funds. "To come here and see people call in from across the United States -- it was awesome," J.Lo tells "Extra."

The two-hour relief event raised a whopping $9 million for the Red Cross and UNICEF.

"It's just so overwhelming," Abdul says of the outpouring of support for the quake victims. "Walking inside and seeing everyone's who there manning the phones -- it's just heartfelt."

The former "Idol" judge adds, "It was wonderful to raise so much money and quickly -- quickly we were raising money."

Paula is auctioning off a one-of-a-kind Michael Jackson book, while Diddy had another auction idea. "We're going to sell your suspenders for $5,000 a pair," he told Larry King.

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Horrifying images from the devastation in Haiti moved King, who describes the fundraising effort as "incredible."

Seacrest agreed, saying, "I saw images of little kids on the streets who could be saved and helped if they had things and resources and doctors and water."

Find out how you can help the victims of the Haitian quake with charitable donations by clicking here.

See how other stars give back below:

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