Heidi Montag Wants Size 'H' Breasts

Heidi Montag just had ten plastic surgery procedures, but she's already thinking about the next time she'll go under the knife.

Montag, 23, underwent multiple cosmetic enhancements -- including her second breast augmentation -- but still wants more. Heidi admits her chest is now a "triple D, F. I like the F. I actually want H for Heidi."

The "Hills" star says of her nip/tuck, "I had a little bit of botox, an eyebrow lift, my ears tucked, I had my nose re-aligned, fat injections put into my cheeks, my lips done and I had my chin shaved down."

Montag thinks her new look is an "upgrade."

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Three months after undergoing the procedures, Heidi tells "Extra's" Terri Seymour that she went under the knife because of underlying insecurities about her looks.

Heidi claims to have been teased as a kid in school, saying. "It always kinda held me back from a certain inner light and an inner happiness."

"Hills" co-star Lo Bosworth has blasted Heidi for the message she's sending to young women, but Montag dismisses that, saying her cosmetic surgery will not decide whether young women follow in her surgical footsteps.

"Young girls who want to get it would get it regardless," Heidi explains. "They need to know how severe it is and how serious and real it is. And that's why I wanted to share my story with it. It's not that you just go in and come out and it's great a week later."

Montag says her husband Spencer Pratt was initially dead-set against the surgeries. "Spencer was like, 'You are crazy. You've officially lost it. I think you should see a therapist before you go.'"

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