Tori Spelling's 'Guncs' Talk Adoption

bill horn scout masterson

Tori Spelling's "guncs" -- short for gay uncles -- are lovable staples on her reality show "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood." Now, Bill Horn and Scout Masterson are opening up about their desire to start a family.

The couple announced on the show that they had decided to adopt, and opened up to Momlogic about fatherhood, love and their relationship.

When asked if they've always wanted to be fathers, Bill replied, "I think I've always known it. I probably had a slightly selfish streak in my 20s and early 30s. I was having a good time; then Scout and I met and we were traveling and I thought I could maybe live without kids. But then the years went by and the feeling came back up on me (that I knew I'd have them). So yes, I always knew I wanted kids."

For Scout, it took meeting the right partner.

"I always thought I wanted children, but I hadn't met the right person," Masterson admits. "For me, it was all about the home chemistry. I grew up in a single parent home, so I had to grow up very quickly. I always knew I wanted a family, but it had to be in the right scenario. And this is right. We're so excited."

Masterson says that Tori's two children inspired the couple -- and got them excited to welcome their own bundles of joy.

"I can say that until I was around Liam and Stella, I never had any really close friends who had children that I was exposed to as much," Scout says. "So now every little thing we do with them -- now they are so talkative and their personalities are forming -- it's so amazing just to teach them things, like how to kick a ball. I can't wait to take our kids to see a petting zoo, just teach them about the little things."

Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, "have been so amazing" throughout the process" of adopting, Scout says. Bill chimes in, saying, "Tori's like, 'We need a baby in the house by Christmas!' She's so excited."

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