Jaimee Grubbs Wants 'Closure' with Tiger

Tiger Woods is still in hiding, but when he reemerges, alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs wants some "closure" with him.

Grubbs, 24, claims to have had a sexual relationship with the golfer -- and tells "Extra" that if given the opportunity, she'd love to have a chat with Tiger.

"If somebody gave me that chance I'd definitely take it," Jaimee says of sitting down with her former lover. "I would just necessarily want to tell him that I was hurt and... I kind of just need that closure face-to-face to just say you hurt me... and I'm sorry it turned out that way and I just need to move on."

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She adds, "I wish him the best and that he gets over this and moves on from it."

When asked where she thinks Tiger may be hiding, Grubbs says, "I would assume the boat... for the most part I thought he was smart, so you'd think that he'd hide somewhere nobody would see him, and he would stay on his boat."

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She adds, "Then again, I didn't know him like I thought he did, so he could be anywhere."

Jaimee says that she thinks it's time for the PGA star to face the music. "He's gonna need to face them and he probably should have while everybody was talking about it... I think when he finally comes... he's just going to bring it back up again. Its going to be long and drawn out."

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