Trainer: Jennifer Aniston Has 'Perfect' Body

Jennifer Aniston's yoga instructor opens up to "Extra" about the actress' "perfect" body.

"Jennifer Aniston is the poster child for health and wellness," says Mandy Ingber, who is working with Aniston to launch her DVD, Yogalosophy.

Aniston even taped an intro for the workout flick, saying, "Mandy has brought yoga into my life. This workout will change your body and your mind."

Ingber returns the compliment.

"Women look to her as the perfect blend... She's very natural. Who has a better body than Jennifer Aniston?" she asks.

Ingber says she was "very surprised" Aniston was so into yoga.

"She is a very fast-paced person. I wasn't thinking that she was going to like yoga," Ingber tells "Extra." "And then it turned out that it really was something that she loved, and it worked to help her get her body where she wanted it."

Ingber says she "incorporates a lot of different things in to the yoga," during her training sessions with Aniston.

"We'll do cardiovascular work before the yoga, and then incorporate toning exercises with the poses," she explains.