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Hailey Glassman: Jon Burglary a 'Publicity Stunt'

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Jon Gosselin's New York City apartment was burglarized over the weekend, but don't point any fingers at the TLC star's ex-girlfriend, Hailey Glassman.

Glassman, 22, denies reports that she tore apart the home she shared with Gosselin, 32, in the Big Apple. Hailey's lawyer, Anand Ahuja, tells the New York Post that the ransacking was a "huge, huge publicity stunt" -- and that someone was trying to "frame" Hailey for their dirty work.

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Ahuja tells the newspaper in a statement, "To me, it appears to be a huge publicity stunt. It appears that somebody is trying to frame my client, Hailey Glassman, because she didn't take anything from that apartment that she was not entitled to take with her. I don't see any truth in what is circling around in the media against my client."

The statement continues, "Jon told Hailey to take whatever she wanted to take, and that he was not going to come back to the apartment because he was moving."

Jon came home to find the apartment burglarized on December 26. He found the apartment torn apart -- his clothing slashed, his family's 100-year-old Ming-style vase broken and his electronics destroyed. There was also a note stabbed into his dresser, calling the reality dad a "lowlife."

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Glassman told police that she wrote the note, but she denies stabbing it into the dresser and trashing the apartment. Jon's lawyer, Mark Heller, is suspicious of Glassman's story.

"It's extremely perplexing and incredulous that she would acknowledge that she wrote the note that was speared with a butcher's knife...and yet she disclaims that she trashed the apartment," Heller tells the NY Post.

Jon and Hailey began dating earlier this year after Gosselin's highly publicized split from his wife, Kate. The couple called it quits at the end of October.