Video: Brittany Murphy in 'Abandoned'

Brittany Murphy was known for playing troubled characters, like in "Girl, Interrupted" and "Don't Say a Word." In the 2010 thriller "Abandoned," Murphy stars as a women who is convinced her husband (played by Dean Cain) has disappeared but others refuse to believe her.

In this clip from "Abandoned," Murphy is being evaluated by a doctor who doesn't believe her memories are valid.

It's reported Murphy's husband Simon Monjack was a bad influence on the late actress, but "Abandoned" director Michael Feifer says the couple had a "loving relationship."

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"The two of them have the sweetest most loving relationship," Feifer tells "Extra." "They watched over each other and took care of each other and we were all shocked at how connected they were."

Feifer says he met Murphy the first day on-set. Murphy was in her trailer and "she gave me the warmest sweetest hug," Feifer remembers. He adds, "She glowed all the time."

Feifer admits he was "shocked" and "saddened" by the star's death but he really enjoyed working with Murphy, "I had a really sweet relationship with her." He says she was giving, prepared and she made friends with everybody. He continues, "She was always on the ball."