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Tiger Woods Acted Like Strip Club 'Virgin'

tiger woods

Tiger Woods has a way with the ladies.

Woods, 33, was a regular visitor to Scores night club in New York City -- and the former manager, Tony Lombardi, tells the New York Post that the golfer would act like a "virgin to strip clubs" in front of the topless dancers.

According to the report, Tiger used his entourage to help him meet women he was interested in -- and prevent being caught for his philandering ways. Club magnate Rocco Ancarola explains, "It camouflages what's going on. He'd just point and say, 'Who's that?' and they'd go over and say, 'Tiger Woods wants to meet you.' And they would never leave together."

Ancarola reveals that it his part of his business to help cover up the indiscretions of his famous clientele.

"We in the business do that without thinking about it," he says. "You tend to protect the celebrities."