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Tiger Woods' Mistress Thought She Was Only One

Jaimee Grubbs tells "Extra" she thought she was Tiger Woods only "other woman."

"The second I did hear about Rachel [Uchitel]... that was the hardest part. It was kind of the breaking point of realizing that I may never be the only woman," Grubbs, 24, tells "Extra."

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The day she received a voicemail from the married golfer asking her to delete her name from her cell phone's outgoing message was "a reality check," she admits.

"To know, this whole time, two-and-a-half years... I thought that I could have been the only woman," she goes on. "It hurts."

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"I almost loved this man... I did love this man," she goes on. "I am changing my life and I'm changing his and this and that was the hardest part for me.

"It was kind of saying, you know, I'm not the most important person to him," Grubbs says. "I was hurt and I told my story and I didn't really think of what it was going to do."

When asked if she released the voicemail for revenge, Grubbs tells "Extra," "We're done. I mean, obviously, me telling the story wasn't the way I wanted to end things or say goodbye, but it's my closure."

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"I am sorry for everything that is coming out," she goes on. "I thought it was time for his wife to know for me to let it go."

"Extra" has also learned that Grubbs has been approached to pose in Playboy, but nothing is a done deal.

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