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Duggars: 'Baby Doing Great' After Hospital Scare


Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar thank fans for their support in a new video taped with their iPhone at the hospital.

Watch their video message

"We'd like to thank everyone for praying for Michelle," says Jim Bob, the star of TLC's "18 Children and Counting." Pregnant Michelle was airlifted to the University of Arkansas for Health Sciences Hospital in Little Rock over the weekend after gallstone pain caused early contractions.

Adds Michelle, "Thank you for all the well wishes that we've been receiving. We are really grateful. I am feeling so much better. The gallstone has calmed down a bit... the baby sounds good. We're waiting to see what happens."

Jim Bob says the hospital is going to "keep her for a few more days to make sure her blood pressure is going down."

He also asks fans to pray that "she'll get to feeling better quickly, and that we'll be able to bring the baby to full term... So far, the baby's doing great, and we're so grateful for that."