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Ashley Dupre Offers Advice to Tiger Woods' Wife

Ashley Dupre has a few words of advice for Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren.

"[She should] take some time to herself, digest everything, go to counseling," Dupre -- the former escort whose relationship with Eliot Spitzer caused him to resign as the governor of New York -- tells "Extra."

"If she really loves him, and they have those bonds... go to therapy, see if you can work it out," Dupre goes on.

"I believe in love and making it work out," she adds. "They can do it."

Dupre doesn't think the women should have opened up to the press about their affairs with the married golfer.

"I don't agree with that they're doing. I don't agree with coming forward," says Dupre, who says she never sought out publicity in her case -- and felt like she was hunted down and outed.

She goes on, "I mean, he has a family, he has a wife, he has kids. For people who just come out and say things... that's really wrong. You're messing with some one else's life."

Plus, she adds, "When you sleep with a married man... first of all, you're only helping them stay married."

"I'm not trying to stick up for him at all," she says of Woods.

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