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Tiger Woods' Wife Offered $55 Million to Stay

tiger woods prenup

It pays for Elin Nordegren to stay with her husband Tiger Woods despite multiple infidelity reports.

Nordegren has been offered an immediate $5-million payment if she stands by her man, and her prenup is being revised to give her an additional $55 million, a lawyer involved with negotiations over the past 72 hours tells The Daily Beast.

In their original agreement signed before their October 2004 wedding, Nordegren was set to earn $20 million after 10 years of marriage if they didn't last.

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The Daily Beast reports that Woods has agreed to shorten that original prenup to seven years from the date they walked down the aisle -- meaning Nordegren only needs to stick around for another two years to become "vested." If she leaves in 2011, she'll get about $40 million -- nearly twice the amount in their original agreement.

The revised contract provides a staggered schedule of payments that would be distributed over five years -- and could be worth upward of $75 million.

If Nordegren stays wed for another seven years and fulfills obligations -- such as showing up at social events, acting as if they're a perfect couple and signing a non-disclosure agreement -- she'll collect $80 million.

The website also reports Woods' advisers have persuaded the couple to get counseling because they believe that keeping their marriage intact will help Woods retain his corporate sponsors and improve his image after the affairs.

But at what cost to Nordegren?

The mom of two (daughter Sam, 2, and Charlie, 10 months) has given few interviews and remained largely out of the public eye. Now she's stalked by paparazzi, who, according to The Daily Beast, can sell the first photo of her for $250,000. Agencies are even offering $100,000 just for tips that produce photos.