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Kim Kardashian Jokes About Skinny Dipping

Kim Kardashian joked about skinny dipping in a Wednesday appearance on "The Jay Leno Show."

"I just came from the Mississippi [River] like two minutes ago," Kardashian told Leno from New Orleans (where beau Reggie Bush plays for the Saints) during the "9 at 9" question-and-answer segment.

Added Kardashian, "I cleaned up well!" (Leno's response? "I'm going to keep that in my head for a minute.")

Kardashian also discussed her workout routine: "I'm addicted to Barry's Boot Camp, I do my own fitness DVDs... here and there I'm known to take a little diet pill, Quick Trim."

But she's just as likely to sabotage her diet. Biggest cheat foods?

"Fried Oreos, or here in New Orleans, beignets," she admitted. "Anything fried... fried Oreos [are] amazing with ice cream on top!"

The reality star (the next season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashiains" premieres Dec. 13) also revealed she's "addicted to eBay," where she says she bought her "whole outfit."

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"I get everything on eBay," she added. "I sold Reggie's motorcycle on eBay without him knowing!"

"He wanted to get rid of it, and I knew the perfect way," she went on. "I had to fill him in that I was selling it on eBay when they asked for the registration."