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White House Crashers Deny 'Shopping' Interviews


The couple that crashed a White House state dinner last week aren't trying to make money off their story, their rep insists.

In a statement released Monday, Mahogany Jones tells "Extra:" "The Salahis are not 'shopping' any interviews or demanding money from any media networks to tell their story. We repute these false allegations and demand that this adverse, in accurate information cease immediately. At this time, The Salahis are not making any formal comments and are not making any arrangements to speak with press/media. The Salahis are not appearing on Larry King tonight as they are not talking to any media forms at this time."

The Associated Press reported over the weekend that Tareq and Michaele Salahi -- who are vying to appear on the "Real Housewives of Washington" -- had approached major networks asking for payment in exchange for telling their story.

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Meanwhile, the top Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, is calling the Secret Service director and the couple to testify later this week, the AP reports.

Lawmakers have also asked for criminal charges to be brought against the couple.