Jamie Foxx a 'Huge Fan' of Taylor Lautner

jamie foxx taylor lautner

Jamie Foxx has "New Moon" fever.

Foxx, 41, chased down teen king Taylor Lautner, 17, for an autograph and a photo at the "Twilight" premiere one year ago.

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"There's tons of fans and we hear all of these high-pitched voices and we hear 'Rah, rah, Taylor, Taylor!'" Lautner reveals to George Lopez on the Thursday airing of ""Lopez Tonight," as reported by People magazine.

Taylor was used to the attention he got from female fans, but was floored when he discovered that the Oscar winner wanted his attention.

"All of a sudden I hear this deep voice behind me: 'Taylor, Taylor!'... And this guy walks up to me and he goes ' daughter is a huge fan, and I'm a huge fan is there any way I can get a picture with you. I'm Jamie Foxx.'"

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The star-struck Lautner couldn't believe Jamie wanted his autograph. "I was like, 'Are you kidding me? Can I get a picture with you?'"

"Lopez Tonight" airs on TBS.