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Lady Gaga Wearing 'Latex' for Queen Performance

What is Lady Gaga wearing for her December performance for the Queen of England?

"I'm sure it'll be some latex fashion venture," she told "Extra" at a signing for her new CD, "The Fame Monster," in L.A. Monday night.

She won't tone down her over-the-top fashion sense "even for the queen," she said.

"She called me for a reason. She wants a good Gaga show!" the singer, 23, told "Extra."

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Gaga added, "I am ready for the queen. [Even though] I have enough queens every night for a lifetime!"

She said she has a "good curtsy. I'm a lady, remember?"

The Grammy nominee also opened up to "Extra" about working with Beyonce.

"She's wonderful. She called me to work on 'Video Phone' with her, and I said, 'I've got this record 'Telephone,' it's amazing. Why don't we do a phone swap?" Gaga said. "And she heard it and she loved it. And she's wonderful. She's a very sweet girl. It's very rare that you meet such a humble person in this industry, so I was excited to meet her."

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