Taylor Lautner Debuts Another Shirtless Clip

Grrr...Taylor Lautner knows how to work up a crowd!

Lautner, 17, debuted another shirtless clip from "New Moon" on "The Jay Leno Show" Monday night. In the exclusive peek, the hunky actor slips into the bedroom of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) to tell her a secret he's been hiding.

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The audience screamed when Lautner's shirtless physique appeared, which caused the teenager to blush -- but it isn't just the tweens who go wild for the werewolf.

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When asked about bizarre fan encounters, Lautner admitted to Leno that there was a forty-something mother -- with her teenaged daughter -- who once asked the actor to sign the "Team Taylor" underwear she was wearing! Security stepped in and told the "Twilight" mom that the autograph wouldn't be happening.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" opens in theatres Friday.