Rihanna Premieres Dark New Music Video

Superstar songstress Rihanna debuted the powerful music video for "Russian Roulette" on Friday.

The video for the ballad is far from light-hearted. "Roulette" is dark, creepy and sometimes bloody. At one point, Rihanna even gets hit by a speeding car.

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Jesse Williams, a familiar face from the new season "Grey's Anatomy," also appears in the video with a loaded gun.

It's directed by Anthony Mandler, who has worked with the singer numerous times. "I think that with this song and the meaning of this song and how loaded it all is, no pun intended, how much imagery and perhaps symbolism that is loaded in this song, the only way to do it was to do something that was visually challenging," he tells MTV News.

Mandler also directed the videos for "Disturbia," "Live Your Life" and more recently "Run This Town."

Rihanna's new album "Rated R" drops Nov. 23.