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Levi's Playgirl Shoot Involves 'Hockey Stick'

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Levi Johnston's Playgirl shoot involved props.

Johnston's manager Tank Jones tells Usmagazine.com the 19-year-old posed with a hockey stick during part-one of his saucy shoot Thursday.

Adds Jones, "The shoot was fantastic! ... People are going to see more of Levi than they thought. There was a hockey stick involved."

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He says Johnston -- who fathered baby Tripp with Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol -- wasn't nervous at all.

The manager also shot down Palin's suggestion that Johnston is appearing in the magazine just for attention. "He's doing Playgirl because he wants to do Playgirl," Jones says. "A lot of famous people have done Playgirl: Jim Brown, Burt Reynolds."

The second photo session takes place Friday. Says Jones, "Part two is going to be fantastic. That's all I can say."

The nude photos hit the web in January, and according to a Playgirl rep, the mag's "subscriptions have gone through the roof!"

So what's next for Johnston? Not spending Thanksgiving with Palin's family, despite the former governor's invite on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

"Nobody put out an invitation. So we wouldn't want to act premature," Jones says.