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Bradley Cooper Praises Rob Pattinson's Hair

bradley cooper robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson recently expressed admiration of Bradley Cooper's luscious locks -- and the "Hangover" star is returning the favor.

"He's got the whole James Dean-I just woke up-but I'm cool thing," Cooper -- who is currently filming "The A Team" (out June 2010) -- tells "Extra" of Pattinson's mane.

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Pattinson recently told "Extra" he was "envious" of Cooper's hair, and compared it to Jack Nicholson's. When asked about the comparison, Cooper, 34, jokes, "I think he was probably making fun of me."

Rumors continue to circulate that Cooper is bringing girlfriend Renée Zellweger home to meet his family over the holidays -- but Cooper is staying mum about his plans with Zellweger.

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When asked if he was bringing "a certain somebody" home to meet his family, Cooper coyly responded, "No, my parents have met Sampson and Charlotte, my beautiful dogs."