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Jon Gosselin Tweets About Split

Jon Gosselin Hailey Glassman Extra Split

Jon Gosselin credits his ex Hailey Glassman for making him a better dad.

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"Going home to see my kids -- excited, but I'll miss Hailey," the dad of eight, 32, posted on Twitter Monday afternoon.

Continues Gosselin, "She has made me realize I need to be an honest person/father for my kids."

Extra first reported Monday that the couple had decided to take a break, although a source said it may not be permanent.

In a public appearance in New York City Sunday night with spiritual adviser Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (who had also worked with Michael Jackson), Jon said it was a "huge mistake" to debut his relationship with Glassman, 22, in France last July just weeks after announcing his divorce from Kate.

"If she would've done that to me, I would have been extremely p*ssed off. Not because our relationship is over ... it's almost like a stab in the back. And now that I think about it, it was a very wrong thing to do. I definitely regret it," he admitted.

Kate will detail the unraveling of their marriage in a TLC special called "Kate: Her Story" to air Monday at 9 PM ET.