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Heidi Klum's Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas

Heidi Klum shares her makeup tips and costume ideas for Halloween

It's no secret that Heidi Klum loves Halloween, so the supermodel is sharing makeup tips and costume ideas with MSN.com!

1. Sexy cat: You can make a cat costume yourself with a few things. Get a leotard and some fabric paint. Then you can paint cat patterns right onto the leotard to make it more interesting. Buy a dog collar with a tag and put a fun message on it. For example, when I was a cat in 2007, I put "If lost, please return to Seal." You can also buy cat ears and a fake tail that can be attached with a few stitches or a safety pin. Add in some sexy high heels or boots. Really go for it and paint your face like a sexy city cat. Don't forget the whiskers!

2. Vampire: I love wearing fangs! Especially when they have blood dripping down them. If you really want good fangs, think ahead and ask your dentist if he can make you some. That's what I did and they fit your teeth perfectly! I take good care of them so I can wear them year after year. Also, play with changing your look. If you are blond, go and get a great black wig. It's good to invest in one amazing element of your costume. Wigs, especially, make a difference! It also helps you get into character.

3. Bumble Bee: I think someone who wears a bumble bee costume has a good sense of humor. Get a yellow and black striped shirt and tights and squeeze yourself into some black little hot pants. Since you're wearing tights, it's okay to go super short on the hot pants! Add some super high heels. Next, buy little yellow round bumble bee wings and get antennas with yellow balls that bounce around when you move. Get super long black fake lashes and start your makeup early enough so you have time to put them on! It's not easy even for me! When you put the glue on the strip of lashes, let the glue dry a bit. When you do that and place them on your lash line, they don't slide around as much and will place easier. Maybe add some sparkles around your eyes. I'm always about great makeup and sparkles -- they make the look fun and special.

4. Bride of Frankenstein: Make sure you don't look like a real bride because that's boring! Plus, it will scare off some guys! You can singe the veil a little bit and rip the dress so you really look like you come from the dead. Make it look old and dirty with some black, brown and grey paint. Stay pretty but a bit scary and white in the face. Put on lots of lashes and mascara! When you're adding the mascara and it's still wet, blink your eyes really hard so you smudge it all around your eyes. It's really effective! It's also cool to add some grey or white contact lenses. You can find amazing dresses and veils at thrift shops. The amazing thing about creating your own costume is that you can be sure no one else has the same!

5. Angel: I have seen some really great Victoria's Secret Angel costumes over the years! If you feel good in your body and want to show it off, GO FOR IT! Lingerie, wings and long angelic hair make the look. And don't forget the heels! Get body glimmer for your entire body. Wear lots of lashes and add fairy dust around your eyes and on top of your cheeks.

"Basically, my one piece of advice is: really go for it," Klum tells MSN.com. For five more costume ideas from Klum, go to MSN.com.

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