Peter Fonda Admits He Smoked Real Pot in 'Easy Rider'

Veteran actor Peter Fonda is clearing up long-standing rumors about drug use on the set of the 1969 classic, "Easy Rider."

In the memorable campfire scene where Jack Nicholson's character tries pot for the first time, Fonda confirms he was smoking "real pot" with co-stars Nicholson and Dennis Hopper.

There was marijuana on set, but Fonda says not to believe the rumors about LSD. "We did not take LSD, no matter what the rumors say," Fonda explains. "You can't make a movie when you're ripped like that."

In the drug deal scene, Fonda says they used powdered sugar. "Man that stuff burned," he recalls.

Fonda also confirmed the rumor about Jack Nicholson quitting acting in the 1960s. For years the rumors have been swirling about the Oscar winner and Fonda says, "Prior to 'Easy Rider,' he had quit. He was producing and writing."

"Extra's" interview with Fonda airs Friday -- and "Easy Rider" is on blu-ray now!