Kate Gosselin: I'm an 'Easy Target'

Kate Gosselin Ellen DeGeneres Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin says she's easy to pick on.

"Certain events take place that make us sitting ducks," the reality mom, 34, says in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to air Wednesday. "It makes us easy targets.

"I just know that on TV or off TV, I've been very much targeted and torn apart," Kate adds.

She takes a dig at estranged husband Jon, 32.

"Certain ones of us speak a lot; others of us prefer to keep our mouths shut," says Kate, who has also discussed their relationship on her TLC reality show, "The View" and the "Today" show.

Kate says her first priority is mothering her eight children.

"I am a mother first. I will always be a mother, and I would die for my kids if need be. I would never put them in a situation that was dangerous or unsafe for them and like any mother ... there is nothing I would do to put them in danger."

She goes on, "My focus is not what trip I can go on, or what shows I can do as a result of this thing. This is my job. This is my paycheck, and so this is what I do."

Kate -- who announced at the California Women's Conference Tuesday she would never wed again -- also told DeGeneres she's not ready to date because her relationships would "be scrutinized."

Still, finding a new man, "has crossed my mind at some point," she admits. (Jon has been romancing Hailey Glassman, 22.)

Kate also touches on her infamous hairdo after hearing a Halloween wig has been a top-seller.

"Somebody emailed that to me a bit ago saying there was going to be a Kate Gosselin wig," Kate jokes. "I thought, 'Wow, is that really what my hair looks like?'"