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Lawyer: Balloon Boy Affidavit Release is 'Unfair'

richard heene mayumi heene

The legal counsel for Richard Heene is accusing the Larimer County Sheriff of releasing an affidavit from the Balloon Boy incident in order to "further his own agenda."

The affidavit, which contains a statement from Balloon mom Mayumi Heene saying that the whole stunt was a hoax, was released to the public yesterday. Denver attorney David Lane tells AP that the document, which the Heene family hasn't seen, could make the case "unfair," saying, "It's further proof of what that sheriff will do to further his own agenda and try to make it unfair to the Heenes."

Sheriff Jim Alderon said that releasing the document is common if there is not a court order to keep the files sealed.

Mayumi, who is being represented by a different legal team than her husband, admitted to authorities that she and Richard planned the Balloon Boy hoax two weeks before launching the homemade aircraft. Mayumi's lawyer, Lee Christian, did not respond to AP's calls for comment about the affidavit.

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