Win It! Trump Pays Your Bills!

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is here to help out one "Extra" friend who needs a financial boost -- by paying their bills!

donald trump pay bills win

Donald Trump is helping one winner pay their bills by giving them $5,000! The winner must live in New York, provide their own transportation to Trump Tower, and be willing to meet Donald on-camera to accept his check. The winner's meeting with Trump will be featured on an episode of "Extra."

Sign up to become an "Extra" friend, enter the secret word from Wednesday's show, and enter to win!

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Pond's Travel Essentials Pack

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Kiehl's Canine Spritz

Win Kiehl’s Canine Spritz!

'Jackass: The Lost Tapes'

Win ‘Jackass: The Lost Tapes’

Piloxing DVD and Gloves

Enter to win Piloxing DVD and Gloves!

'Cheri' DVD

Enter to win ‘Cheri’ DVD!

A Stay at a Select W Hotel

Enter to win a Stay at a Select W Hotel!

The 88 CD

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A Pair of PRVCY Jeans

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Tim McGraw's New Album and Cologne

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Travel Pet Bowl

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Crazy Love by Michael Buble

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'Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs' DVD Pack

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Gift Bag of Products Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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ScooPup Pocket

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Lucy's Luxuries Pack

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'Southpark: Bigger, Longer and Uncut'

Enter to win the “Southpark: Bigger, Longer and Uncut” DVD now!

Dance Flick Prize Pack

Enter to win the DANCE FLICK PRIZE PACK now!

All kits include a bag, tank top, leg warmers, Dance Flick DVD and Dance Flick soundtrack. One grand prize kit will also include an iPod shuffle.

Dance Flick is available on DVD 10/6.

Trick 'r Treat

Enter to win ‘Trick ’r Treat’ on DVD — just in time for Halloween!

Away We Go

Enter to win ‘Away We Go’ on DVD or Blu-ray.

Single Survival Kit

Enter to win a “Single Survival Kit”

Each “Single Survival Kit” includes:
a PurseN
Pamper U Pouch
a chrome purse holder
a pair of velour slippers
an umbrella
a rabbit style wine opener

All inside a branded Sherri tote bag!

Check out ‘Sherri’ on Monday, October 5, 7pm et/pt on Lifetime.

My Life in Ruins

Available October 6

Enter to win My Life in Ruins on DVD

Swarovski Crystal chicBuds

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Gossip Girl: The Complete First Season

Available Now

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The Unit: Season Four

Available September 29

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The Unit Boxed Gift Set

Available September 29

Enter to win The Unit Boxed Gift Set

The Proposal

Available on DVD and Blu-ray October 13

Enter to win The Proposal on DVD

'30 Rock'

Enter to Win “30 Rock” Season 3 on DVD

'Fame' Contest

Enter to win Extra’s Fame Contest

One grand prize winner will receive:

Memorex Ipod Karaoke Machine
“Fame” (2009) soundtrack
“Fame” (1980) on DVD

Two runners up will receive:

“Fame” (2009) soundtrack
“Fame” (1980) on DVD

Want more “Fame”?
Enter the LG Fame US! Contest to win $50,000!

'Capitalism: A Love Story'

Enter to win “Capitalism: A Love Story” Prize Package

One winner will receive:

“Sicko” on DVD
“Fahrenheit 911” on DVD
“Bowling for Columbine” on DVD
“Capitalism: A Love Story” T-Shirt
“Capitalism: A Love Story” Mini-one sheet

“Capitalism: A Love Story” opens in theatres Oct. 2!