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Photos: The 'Fantastic' Mr. Clooney

A dapper George Clooney attends the world premiere of his new film "Fantastic Mr. Fox" -- with his gorgeous girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis on his arm. Check out pix of the red-hot red carpet couple!

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20 Things about Elisabetta Canalis

1. Background

Elisabetta was born in Sassari, Italy on September 14, 1978.

2. Fresh Start

Elisabetta’s debut was on the Italian TV program “Striscia la notizia.”

3. Got Height?

She’s 5’7.

4. Hobbies

Elisabetta’s hobbies include swimming, dancing, horseback riding and kickboxing.

5. 'TRL'

As of May 2009, Elisabetta is the new co-host of the Italian version of “Total Request Live.”

6. Skeletons

She dated former Atlanta football player Christian Vieri from 2000 to 2004.

7. Play Hard

Canalis was a commentator on an Italian soccer TV program.

8. Nickname

Elisabetta’s nickname is Eli.

9. Family Jobs

Elisabetta’s father Cesare is a radiologist at University of Sassari’s clinic and her mother, Bruna, is an Italian literature teacher.

10. Miss Popular

Elisabetta played a showgirl named Velina for three seasons of the TV show "Striscia la Notizia." She became one of the most well known actresses in Italy.

11. Crossing Over

Elisabetta made her feature film debut in the American comedy “Deuce Bigelow 2: The European Gigolo” as the Lady in Castle, 2004.

12. In the Past

Elisabetta has appeared in numerous Italian TV comedies including “Ciro Presenta Visitors,” “Superciro” and “Mai Dire Martedì,” “Carabinieri,” and “Love Bugs.”

13. Pet Friendly

Canalis has two dogs; a puppy named Andrea and a bull terrier named Vittorio.

14. Good Pals

Elisabetta Canalis is good friends with TV personality Maddalena Corvaglia.

15. Education

Elisabetta completed her high school studies at Azuni Classical High School in Sassari.

16. Soccer Love

Elisabetta Canalis was romantically involved with soccer star Ferreira Reginaldo of Parma F.C.

17. Movie Career

Canalis appeared in two Hollywood movies in 2005, “Angels & Virgins” and “Natale a New York.” She also acted in the Italian movie “Fidanzata di Papa, La: Girlfriend of Dad” in 2008.

18. Where's Mario?

Elisabetta has a brother named Luigi.

19. Movie Pleasures

Canalis was cast in the American comedy movie “Guilty Pleasures” alongside Hayden Christensen and Mischa Barton, 2007.

20. Big Fan

Elisabetta is a huge fan of Inter Milan, a professional Italian football club.