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Donald Trump: Letterman's Actions 'Very Smart'

donald trump david letterman jon kate gosselin

The Donald tells "Extra" that he respects David Letterman's handling of the attempted extortion plot against him.

"David is a great guy," says Trump. "He's been a friend. I think what he did was very smart and I think time will prove that right." When asked if he'd fire Letterman if he could, Trump replied, "I would never fire David Letterman. He's a great guy -- he's a great talent. David Letterman will never be fired by me or anyone else."

The real estate mogul also shared his thoughts about Jon and Kate's increasingly nasty divorce. "First of all, the hatred seems incredible. I would certainly say they should try to get along, they should try to sign a contract, and they should try to take in some money while they have it."

Donald said he feels the estranged couple isn't thinking of their eight little ones as they hash it out in court. "It's not a good situation and certainly the biggest loser is going to be the children."