Lauren Conrad -- So Over 'The Hills'

Reality TV hottie turned fashion designer Lauren Conrad tells "Extra" she's busy living her life... off-camera for a change!

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This season of "The Hills" is the first season without Lauren, so we wondered if she's been tuning in for the weekly dose of drama? She answered, "I haven't seen it yet, no. I didn't watch it that much when I was on it."

Conrad, 23, says it was "weird" watching herself on the popular MTV show, but she would occasionally tune in to make sure she "didn't do anything too dumb." The starlet also says she enjoys living her live without a camera crew constantly following her. She jokes, "I don't have to worry about picking out my outfit." Prior to starring in five seasons of "The Hills," LC's senior year of high school was documented on "Laguna Beach."

On Sunday night, Lauren presented her former "The Hills" co-star Brody Jenner with the Young Hollywood Style Maker honor at the Hollywood Style awards in L.A. Conrad is a style maker of her own, recently launching a California chic line for Kohl's, aptly named "LC Lauren Conrad."

The starlet has also stayed busy writing. Her book "L.A. Candy" reached the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list in July, and she spent her summer working on the follow-up to the novel. It took Conrad four months to knock out "Sweet Little Lies" and she's about to start the third book in the series. The beauty confesses she works best in her bedroom.

Conrad is also the Executive Producer of the upcoming film version of "L.A. Candy."

Hot Hookups on 'The Hills'

Lauren and Jason

Lauren rekindled the flame with ex-beau Jason Wahler in the beginning of “The Hills.” After a tumultuous relationship, the two split for good at the end of season one.

Heidi and Jordan Eubanks

Heidi spent the whole first season dating boyfriend Jordan Eubanks. The couple called it quits at the end of season one. Jordan later told the press that since dating Spencer, Heidi’s “done a total 180, and I think it’s so sad.”

Kristin and Brody

Before Brody Jenner arrived in “The Hills” in season two, Kristin Cavallari dated the Malibu bad boy. She later said her sex life with Jenner was “vanilla.”

Audrina and Spencer

Spencer wooed Audrina at the beginning of season two, upsetting Heidi when he accompanied her to the opening of Area. Audrina then got over Spencer and the drama he caused with Heidi.

Heidi and Spencer

Heidi and Spencer began dating in the second season of “The Hills.” The couple stayed together through ups and downs, and tied the knot at the end of season five.

Lauren and Brody

LC and Brody began their on-and-off “friends with benefits” relationship in the second season. Things ended abruptly when Brody hooked up with Lauren’s friend Jen Bunney.

Brody and Jen Bunney

Lauren threw a birthday bash for her Laguna Beach friend Jen Bunney, who subsequently went home with LC’s man Brody. Ouch! The girls had a falling out afterward.

Audrina and Justin Bobby

Audrina was on-and-off with Justin Bobby before “The Hills” began filming. The couple experienced drama throughout seasons 2-5, when they split for good.

Lo and Frankie Delgado

Lauren “Lo” and Frankie hooked up during a crazy night in Las Vegas.

Lauren and Gavin Beasley

Lauren met a model during season three, and agreed to go out with him. She confessed there was “no spark” and went to Brody’s house after their date. Gavin later told the press that LC was a “conversation killer.”

Lauren and Doug

Lauren reconnected with her old flame Doug Reinhardt during season four of the show. Doug caused drama by later asking out Stephanie Pratt. He’s now dating Paris Hilton.

Stephanie and Doug

Stephanie accepted a dinner invitation from Lauren’s ex Doug, causing drama in her relationship with Conrad. The girls eventually rekindled their friendship.

Audrina and Corey Bohan

Audrina dated Aussie BMX rider Corey briefly during season four of the show. The exes recently got back together, and are currently dating.

Whitney and Jay Lyon

Whitney Port met bad boy Jay during her trip to NYC to interview with Diane von Furstenberg. The couple dated during season one of “The City.”

Audrina and Brody

Audrina admitted to “having a little crush” on Brody in Hawaii during season five. The two ended up spending the night together, sparking drama with Brody’s GF Jayde Nicole.

Spencer and Stacie the Bartender

Spencer’s sneaking around with Stacie, a bartender at The Dime, infuriated Heidi and almost broke the two up. Stacie later attended Speidi’s wedding.

Brody and Jayde Nicole

Brody began dating Playmate Jayde Nicole after season four of “The Hills.” Nicole is no fan of Audrina, who slept in Brody’s bed.

Lauren and Kyle Howard

Since Lauren left “The Hills,” she has been stepping out more frequently with beau Kyle Howard, who was contractually forbidden from appearing on the show.