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Christie Brinkley Battles Ex in Court

christie brinkley peter cook court

The bad blood between Christie Brinkley and her ex, Peter Cook, hasn't gone away -- today the exes battled in court -- with both demanding the other spend time behind bars!

Cook, who infamously cheated on the former supermodel with a teenager, claims today that Brinkley is attempting to ruin his relationship with the ex-couple's children, Sailor and Jack.

James Winkler, Cook's attorney, released a statement regarding an incident where Peter demanded Christie hand over Jack's passport for a school trip. Cook claims that Brinkley purposely kept the document from him. The statement reads:

"Ms. Brinkley was required by court order to have their son, Jack's, passport personally delivered to Mr. Cook on or before November 19, 2008 at noon so that he would be able to go with his sister, father, classmates and teachers on a school trip to Egypt during the Thanksgiving school recess. Ms. Brinkley failed to do what she agreed to do and what was court ordered. Her excuses are without merit and self-serving since she could have utilized any of the numerous people who work for her to follow such a simple court order.

Without court permission nearly 24 hours later, Ms. Brinkley claims she left a valuable legal document that was to be personally delivered unattended in a mailbox on the street at Mr. Cook's residence, even though Mr. Cook was not home. The passport was never received by Mr. Cook and Jack was unable to attend the school trip with his father. Mr. Cook has returned to court to prevent any further interference with his parenting time of his children and to have the court determine the appropriate penalty for her failure to comply with the court order. This kind of behavior is typical of Ms. Brinkley's treatment of Mr. Cook who she considers irrelevant in the parenting of their children."

Brinkley's lawyer, Peter Caronia, denied Cook's claims and countered that Peter could end up in jail. for violating the couple's divorce settlement. Caronia released the following statement to "Extra":

"Peter Cook's claim that Ms. Brinkley refused to turn over her son's passport is without merit and wholly disingenuous. Ms. Brinkley ran to her dearest friend's side, who had just lost her mother, and made the passport available to Mr. Cook a few hours after the agreed upon delivery time. Mr. Cook refused to drive five to ten minutes out of his way to pick the passport up from Ms. Brinkley's residence. As a consequence of Mr. Cook's senseless refusal to retrieve the passport, Ms. Brinkley made arrangements to have it personally delivered to Mr. Cook's residence. Had he been at all reasonable and sympathetic to Ms Brinkley's situation, the application he filed with the court would have been unnecessary."

Christie and Peter's courtroom battle continues in New York on Tuesday.

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