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Kate's Lawyer: Jon Emptied Bank Account

kate jon gosselin bank account contempt of court

The divorce of estranged couple Kate and Jon Gosselin took an unexpected financial turn, as Kate's lawyer Marty Singer accused Jon of withdrawing funds from the couple's joint bank account.

Singer tells People magazine that Jon never had Kate's permission to withdraw $200,000 from the couple's bank account, despite court orders that they couldn't withdraw large sums of money without the other person's consent. Marty claims that he emailed Jon's attorney about the funds, but has yet to hear back.

"They have not responded. I'm sure he will respond by going on another TV show," Marty said, adding that Jon could be found in contempt of court if a judge rules in Kate's favor.

According to the mother of eight's counsel, Kate learned about the withdrawal after receiving overdraft notices regarding the bank account she shares with Jon. When she asked about the money, Singer claims that Kate was told Jon had taken $200,000 -- leaving roughly $1,000 in the account.

The alleged financial shenanigans come a week since after Jon was dumped from the TV show, and subsequently prohibited filming at the family home.