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Erin Andrews: Wardrobe Detective

erin andrews arrest nude tape detective

ESPN newsie Erin Andrews aided the police in catching alleged peeping Tom Michael Barrett -- with a pair of jeans!

Erin's attorney Marshall Grossman revealed the sports beauty and her stylist were able to provide the FBI with a vital lead in their case by providing the exact location of her hotel room -- based on her jeans. "Erin is a remarkable young woman," Grossman said on "Good Morning America," adding, "and Erin knew exactly what she wore on each occasion." Authorities allege that Barrett may have videotaped Erin up to eight times.

Andrews is "hellbent" on testifying against Barrett -- who reportedly requested a hotel room next to Erin's -- and got it. The 47-year-old insurance company employee faces charges of interstate stalking, which could land him up to five years in prison and a fine of $250K.

The peephole videos of Andrews hit the Internet in July, but have been removed.