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Cibrian's Ex: LeAnn is 'Single White Female-ing Me'

brandi glanville leann rimes single white female stalker

In the continuing saga of LeAnn Rimes' relationship with Eddie Cibrian, his ex, Brandi Glanville, is now claiming that Rimes is "invading my space."

Brandi dished to Us Weekly, "I have a new neighbor and her name is LeAnn Rimes. She's moved in a half a mile from my house and a block from my son's school. So she is completely space-invading me at the moment, so things are not cool," said Glanville from the anniversary celebration of TAO/LAVO in Las Vegas. "There is a point where she needs to have a sensitive side and back the F up."

Glanville, 34, is irate that she's been spotting LeAnn around her neighborhood -- and even in front of her son Mason's school. "Honestly, she's Single White Female-ing me. She wants my life," Glanville rants. "She wants my kids. She wants my husband. She can have most of everything, but just not my children or my family."

The model mom has two children with Cibrian, and added, "We definitely save face for the kids, absolutely. They're the most important thing in both of our lives."

Brandi and Eddie called it quits in July, after months of rumors that Cibrian was cheating on Glanville with Rimes.