Jennifer Hudson: 'I'm on Mommy Duty'

Powerhouse songstress Jennifer Hudson welcomed her first child this August -- and she's loving being a mom to baby David!

Jennifer Hudson

"I'm getting ready to get back into the studio. Right now I'm on mommy duty. It's all about the baby right now," Hudson dished to "Extra" at Tuesday's Netflix outdoor concert in New York City. The 28-year-old is engaged to former reality TV contestant David Otunga.

J.Hud admits the best part of being a mom is being able to sing to her child, saying, "I've never put my voice to better use than singing to my baby. He loves it, it calms him. We have that connection."

The Grammy and Oscar winner is excited to work on her sophomore album, but will she return to the big screen as the loveable Louise in "Sex and the City 2"? "I'm not. I'm going to sit back and watch with everyone else this time around."

Netflix hosted Tuesday's free live concert and movie screening and invites America to instantly watch the film streaming on Netflix for free on October 3.