Michael Emerson: Put Me on 'True Blood'

"Lost" star Michael Emerson won an Emmy for his work as bad guy Ben Linus on the hit series -- but when "Extra" talked to him, he had vampires on the brain!

michael emerson lost true blood

Emerson's wife, Carrie Preston, stars as Arlene Fowler on "True Blood" -- and guest-starred as Michael's mother in a "Lost" flashback. Emerson told "Extra" that he'd like to return the favor on "True Blood"! "I think it would be fun if I got to play her father," Michael said of guest-starring on the hit HBO series.

Michael continued, "I would go on any Alan Ball show to do just about anything. I will be the face in the window, I will be the cab driver... I don't want to be a vampire."

Preston chimed in, saying, "I think you should be a like shape shifter or something." Michael replied, "I think I should just be a funny human."

While Emerson is famous for his evil-minded characters, Carrie thinks he should try playing a good guy. "Maybe he should not be a bad character at all... maybe he should be a good guy."

Michael coyly responded, "Perhaps I could be bitten in a strange place," to which Carrie replied, laughing, "That's for later!"

Check out 'Extra' pix from the Emmy red carpet here!

Ten Things You Didn't Know about the 'True Blood' Cast

Meat Free

Anna Paquin ranked #50 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2008 list and is also a vegetarian.

Moyer Voyeur

Sexy Stephen Moyer has a daughter named Lilac and a son named Billy and is also dating co-star Anna Paquin.

Southern Gent

Sam Trammell was born in New Orleans and earned a Tony nomination in 1998 for his role in the comedic play “Ah, Wilderness!”

Animal Lover

Australian-born Ryan Kwanten has two pets. He has a poodle named PK and a cat named Sweeny Todd.

Lone Star State Stud

Jim Parrack grew up in Dallas suburb Allen, Texas and is president of Beverly Hills-based 120 Productions, Inc.

Native Nevadan

Rutina Wesley’s mother was a Las Vegas showgirl and her father is a tap dancer and musician.

Cajun Man

Sam Trammell didn’t have to move far for “True Blood” — the actor is a native of Louisiana, where the bloodsucking series takes place.

Aussie Buff

Ryan Kwanten is originally from Sydney, Australia, where the actor is a fitness buff and currently trains with some of the best Ironman competitors down under.

Oscar Must-See

Anna Paquin was one of the youngest people to ever win an Academy Award for “The Piano” — but still hasn’t seen the flick from start to finish!

Julliard Gem

Rutina Wesley graduated from the prestigious performing arts school Julliard, where she studied acting.