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Will Charlize Theron Ever Tie the Knot?

When will Charlize Theron and boyfriend Stuart Townsend walk down the aisle?

Gorgeous Charlize Theron and boyfriend Stuart Townsend have been together for almost a decade -- so when will they walk down the aisle?

"Never," the Oscar-winner tells "Extra." "I live a married life. I am in my heart and soul married to this guy," Charlize declared. The 34-year-old still wants to have children.

Theron and Townsend met in 2001 while working on "Trapped." The actors later co-starred in "Head in the Clouds" and "Aeon Flux."

Charlize also disclosed how she got the push to become an actress; her mother Gerda helped her realize she should become a professional actor. "I lived in a basement apartment... and I was massively depressed and my mom came over to visit me," she explained. "I was crying and trying to figure out my life... and she just made this conclusion that I was a storyteller. I wouldn't be sitting here today if she didn't kind of make me aware of that."