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Cannon: Mimi Loves My 'Corny Sense of Humor'

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TV host Nick Cannon is married to one of the music industry's finest -- and tells "Extra" he snagged Mariah Carey with his sensitivity and silly sense of humor.

"Extra" host Mario Lopez met up with Cannon at Starbucks to talk about -- what else -- women! "I still try to write my wife a personalized card every week, just to let her know how much I appreciate her," Nick admits of his love for Mimi. When asked what it is about him that appealed most to his singin' queen, he answered, "It was probably either my sensitive side or my corny sense of humor. Ha."

Nick has been hosting "America's Got Talent" all summer -- and confesses he's been watching Ryan Seacrest's moves on "Idol" to get tips! "Before I even started, I was watching Ryan Seacrest, I was like, 'Let me see how... they're doing it.' So I was taking pointers and all that."

Cannon has proven he's got the hosting gig down -- from his swagger to his fashion choices. Nick looks sharp on the show, but goes casual for his home time. "When I'm at the crib, I'm in sweats and just chillin'."

Nick's praise and admiration for his wife also crosses into her wardrobe choices. "I love my wife's fashion. Her sense of fashion is amazing. If you've seen her closet, it's like Neiman Marcus and Barneys put together."