Coroner: Jackson's Death a Homicide

Michael Jackson

The Los Angeles County coroner released a statement Friday on the death of Michael Jackson.

"The cause of death was established as:

· Acute Propofol Intoxication
· Other Conditions Contributing to Death: Benzodiazepine Effect

The manner of death has been ruled: HOMICIDE

The drugs PROPOFOL and LORAZEPAM were found to be the primary drugs responsible for Mr. Jackson's death. Other drugs detected were: Midazolam, Diazepam, Lidocaine and Ephedrine."

Click here to read the coroner's statement.

Jackson suddenly died on June 25 after suffering cardiac arrest. Learn about the drug cocktail that led to his death.

UPDATE: Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer released a statement following the coroner's press release. Attorney Ed Chernoff's statement says:

"This press release contains nothing new. For two months we have been hearing the same information, usually from leaks out of the coroner's office. One has to wonder why the coroner felt compelled to release anything at all if the police investigation is not yet complete.

In any case, this has all the earmarks of police gamesmanship, and we will not be responding until we get a full autopsy report, including the entire list of drugs found in Mr. Jackson, their quantities, and all other data that would allow independent medical experts to analyze and interpret."

Michael Jackson