Fiore's Mom: Ryan a 'Professional Con Man'

Lisa Lapore, mother of murdered model Jasmine Fiore, revealed today that she's relieved Ryan Jenkins is no longer a threat -- but closure is still a long way away.

Lapore appeared on the "Today" show Monday to discuss the death of her daughter, and spoke of her reaction when she learned that the man suspected of killing her, Ryan Jenkins, had been found dead of an apparent suicide.

"It brings some closure to what's going on," Lisa admitted. She revealed that there is comfort in knowing "that he's no longer a threat" to other women, but added, "We still have a long process of closure."

Lisa confessed that Jenkins reportedly killing himself stopped the world from seeing his true colors that would have come out if he were put on trial. "I think no one will ever know that this man was a professional con man," she said. "He targeted women ... He wanted to be something he wasn't."

Robert Hasman, Jasmine's ex-boyfriend, joined Lapore on the show -- and didn't hide his feelings about Jenkins' death, saying bluntly, "I'm happy Ryan killed himself."