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Sherri Shepherd's Slimming Secret!

"The View's" Sherri Shepherd is down 41 pounds -- and showing off her new body!

sherri shepherd loses weight

"I lost weight last year and started gaining it back because I wasn't exercising," Sherri explains in the new issue of OK! magazine. "I said to my producer, 'Why don't we do something where I tell people 'Let's do it together!'... Then all of sudden I had all these people doing it with me. I'd tweet about going to the gym and how hard it was, and followers would write and say, 'Sherri, I've lost two pounds!' I thought, 'Okay, people are getting into this.'"

The television hostess hit the gym and began eating five meals a day delivered by Fresh Diet, which is favored by celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Jen Aniston.